Forest School Visit

St Andrew's School

Forest School Visit


On Thursday 13th, Friday 14th and Monday 17th groups of children from Year 3 went to Shorne Country Park to complete a Forest School Experience.

Firstly the children worked together in teams to build a den. They could use logs, leaves and branches and were also given string and a tarpaulin. Once their den was finished a cup of water was thrown over it to see how waterproof it was!

After that the children were shown how to make beads out of Elm branches. They used hacksaws to cut off small sections then used a tent peg to push a hole through the pithy middle. They strung them onto pipe cleaners to make bracelets.

At the end of the experience the children were given a mug of hot chocolate that our guides made on the camp fire. We had a brilliant time in the woods!

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