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Medway Indoor Athletics

Junior Sport

On Thursday 19th January, pupils from Years 5 and 6 took part in the Medway Indoor Athletics Championship at Medway Park. This was the first time St Andrew’s had been invited along to the competition, taking part alongside 31 other Medway Schools. The competition was split in to two sections, with 16 schools competing in the morning and 16 schools in the afternoon. The two top scoring schools would be invited to represent Medway at the Kent Indoor Athletics Championship in February.

Each child took part in four activities; two track events and two field events. The different events were;

* 1 + 1 Lap Relay          * Chest Push

* 2 + 2 Lap Relay          * Soft Javelin

* 6 Lap Paarlauf            * Speed Bounce

* Obstacle Relay           * Standing Long Jump

* Over / Under Relay    * Standing Triple Jump

* 4 x 1 Lap Relay          * Vertical Jump

The first award that was announced was the fair play award, which had been voted for by the staff, teachers and children. St Andrew’s had been awarded the fair play award! This was a demonstration of the excellent sportsmanship and team work that the St Andrew’s team displayed throughout the whole morning.

The results of the morning competition were then announced. St Andrew’s had come in first place! There was now a wait to see if any schools in the afternoon session could beat the score set by the St Andrew’s team. By the end of the day the final results and placings had been announced; St Andrew’s finished in second place overall – a fantastic result!

The team has now been invited to represent Medway in the Kent Indoor Athletics Championship in February. This is a huge achievement for the school and the entire team should be proud of how well they performed.

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