Our Staff

St Andrew's School

Our Staff

Our diverse staff, teaching and support, play a vital role at St Andrew's, fostering the spirit of creativity and independent learning within our school.

Here at St Andrew's, our staff originate from a wide range of backgrounds. Using their personal experience and academic histories they play a vital role in creating our unique and vibrant community. We are passionate about creating an environment where both staff and pupils can learn and work together to achieve their full potential.

To develop the staff members skills, they receive high quality training and development year round. 

If you wish to speak with our any one of our team members, feel free to get in touch using our contact form

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Senior Leadership Team

Mrs E Steinmann-GilbertPrincipal
Mrs F LakanuAssistant Principal
Miss N MarshallAssistant Principal
Mrs N OdiePre-School Manager
Miss N CoyleBusiness Manager

Middle Leadership Team

Mrs M ForrestSMSC and Enrichment Leader
Mr J PitcherPE and Computing Leader
Mrs H CrossMaths Leader (maternity leave)
Miss M WilsonEnglish Leader
Mrs C SaundersPre-School Assistant Manager

Teaching Team

Miss L NormanJunior School Teacher
Miss J HoJunior School Teacher
Miss A PopovicsJunior School Teacher
Mrs K ThomasJunior School Teacher
Miss S HolmesJunior School Teacher
Mr J PaulJunior School Teacher
Miss C ChaneyJunior School Music Teacher
Ms H StoneJunior School and Year 2 Art Teacher
Mrs J KluthJunior School Science Teacher
Mrs C VallettaJunior School Humanities Teacher
Mrs N RakotonanaharyJunior School Modern Foreign Languages Teacher
Mr T RodbergJunior Assistant Sports Coach
Mrs P SandersonYear 2 Teacher
Mrs G WilliamsYear 2 Teacher
Miss K BalrowYear 1 Teacher
Mrs F QureshiYear 1 Teacher
Ms N GhellabInfant School French Teacher (maternity cover)
Mrs L BurrowsEYFS Teacher
Mrs L MercerEYFS Teacher
Mrs C SwordEYFS Teacher
Mrs C Pandey-RaiEYFS Teacher
Miss F PykeEYFS Teacher
Mr S PeelingEYFS Teacher
Mrs S FellowsHigher Level Teaching Assistant
Mrs K SimmonsHigher Level Teaching Assistant
Mrs E ChambersHigher Level Teaching Assistant
Mrs A ConnellyHigher Level Teaching Assistant
Miss E WojcieszukHigher Level Teaching Assistant
Mrs J MatthewsTeaching Assistant
Mrs L SaundersTeaching Assistant
Mrs K WilkinsonTeaching Assistant
Mrs T BrownTeaching Assistant
Mrs J HowesTeaching Assistant
Mrs N JacksonTeaching Assistant
Mrs R HussainTeaching Assistant
Mr P BearfootTeaching Assistant
Mrs N WhitcombeTeaching Assistant
Mrs S SaglamTeaching Assistant
Mrs J CoombsTeaching Assistant
Miss B RyanTeaching Assistant


Support Staff

Mrs J GrahamAdmissions Officer
Mrs S WestOffice Administrator 
Mrs H LondonOffice Administrator
Mrs S WickesPre-School Administrator
Mrs R Valentino Business Administrator
Mrs S ClarkSchool Receptionist and Office Administrator
Mrs J RodbergSchool Receptionist and Office Administrator
Mr K FrailCaretaker
Mr A CarwardineAssistant Caretaker
Miss A RayDomestic Team Supervisor
Ms M WebbDomestic Assistant
Mr J SkinnerDomestic Assistant
Mrs L Oliver-PrimettDomestic Assistant
Miss M BardenDomestic Assistant
Miss A BaglanDomestic Assistant
Miss C ZhangDomestic Assistant


Harrison Catering Services

Ms L HumphreyHead Chef
Mrs T RustonAssistant Chef
Mrs L CarrollKitchen Assistant
Ms J FritterKitchen Assistant
Mrs S SzustakKitchen Assistant (currently on maternity leave)
Mrs E BryantKitchen Assistant
Mrs K HavilandKitchen Assistant
Mrs M WadhamsLunchtime Supervisor
Mrs M BlackLunchtime Supervisor
Mrs G ChandlerLunchtime Supervisor
Miss A-J SmithLunchtime Supervisor