Junior Classes

St Andrew's School

Junior Classes

At St. Andrew’s, all pupils in the Junior classes are given the opportunity to be educated by our team of specialist teaching staff.

As the children move up the school this increases so that by Year 6, children are used to this mentality and this helps to prepare them for their senior school timetables.

St. Andrew’s has a strong academic edge, attracting an outstanding group of specialist staff who spark in the children academic curiosity and a love of learning.

As well as maintaining our high academic results, we also offer a broad extra-curricular provision – with an emphasis on music, drama, art and sport – and encourage the children to participate in as many areas as possible.

Homework becomes of greater importance at this level and pupils experience more demanding teaching and learning.

At St. Andrew’s, we pride ourselves on ensuring each pupil transitions to the right senior school for them. We believe our responsibility to our pupils does not stop when they graduate from St. Andrew’s but rather when they become confident, successful adults.

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