Pastoral Care

St Andrew's School

Pastoral Care

From the moment you and your child walk into St. Andrew’s, you will appreciate what a friendly and welcoming place it is. We are known for our caring approach and family atmosphere. So it goes without saying that outstanding pastoral care runs through everything we do.

Aspects of the School's work and teaching contribute to the care, welfare and personal development of every child.

A happy child not only achieves academically but is also able to make a positive contribution to activities which lie outside the classroom.

We want all our pupils to feel secure and happy here and believe that this is so important in helping them to develop into confident and enthusiastic learners. We celebrate the individuality of our pupils and look to encourage them to pursue their strengths, to work hard to improve areas of weakness, as well as take on many new and exciting challenges. Each child knows that they are valued and respected as an individual, and as a part of the whole school community.

We have a zero tolerance approach to bullying and will not tolerate unkind or unfriendly attitudes in class or on the playground. Furthermore, we foster a culture of openness and procedures for children to express their concerns are well established.

We believe in courtesy, consideration and personal responsibility. We teach our pupils to respect their fellow pupils, their school and the environment. Most of all we teach them to believe in themselves.