St Andrew's School


Humanities cover the subjects of History, Geography and Religious Education. At St. Andrew’s School we provide separate lessons for each of the above from Year 3, with younger children using a more thematic approach but still covering elements of the individual subjects.

As our pupils mature, we want them to develop independent and critical thinking rather than to simply accept "facts" at face value, and this shapes the way that we teach.  We encourage lively discussion and debate.


Religious Education

Religious Education is an integral part of the school curriculum and is dealt with in a thoughtful and sensitive way. So that pupils can begin to understand their own beliefs and values, they need to learn about and respond to the beliefs and values of others.


In History, the pupils learn about what happened in the past and why, as well as about some of the fascinating characters who decided our present.


Geography is taught to enable the pupils to gain a greater understanding of the world around them. Human, physical and environmental geography is taught to all pupils, allowing them to consider their local community and environment as well as communities across the globe.

Ultimately, this area of the curriculum stimulates children’s curiosity to investigate the world and their place within it.