St Andrew's School


Mathematics at St. Andrew’s is taught in such a way that it is enjoyable and not to be feared.

From early days, pupils learn the building blocks of calculating and how to apply their knowledge to everyday problems.

Children are taught the relevance of mathematics and how it is useful in everyday life.

Fundamental mathematical tools such as number bonds and times tables are learnt by heart so that pupils have an excellent grasp of numbers and how they relate to each other.

In the Infant classes, teachers introduce new concepts and skills, which involve mathematical discussion, supported by concrete and visual representations. This is followed by guided practice where pupils work collaboratively to solve problems. Pupils are encouraged to use concrete apparatus and share ideas when they work in groups. This is followed by individual practice to develop fluency and build confidence. Learning is built on a concrete – pictorial – abstract approach, ensuring secure foundations and a deep understanding of mathematical concepts.

In the Junior classes, pupils continue to use and apply their skills in mental maths and arithmetic tests as well as through investigative work.

We consider mathematics to be not only useful and necessary but also stimulating, challenging and exciting.  The School has a range of resources to support the pupils’ learning, including Computing resources to embed number skills.

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